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Frequently Asked Questions

What is provided with the rental event?
We provide the full setup of the Knockerballs (delivery, inflation and breakdown). We will also provide you with some options of "games" to play and soccer nets & soccer ball with a minimum rental of 6 balls.

An all-encompassing, protective, safe, single chambered ball of air with inner handles and shoulder straps that enables you to almost literally defy gravity and defy pain. You only need one to get started, practice your rolls and flips.

Warning: Two or more will make you laugh till your sore.

Do we provide permits for use at State or City and County Parks?
No, it is up to the individuals renting to obtain a permit from the Parks Department if they are needed.

How do I fill up my KNOCKERBALL?
When choosing a pump to fill your Knockerball you want to look for one designed for large inflatables. You can even use a shop vac on reverse with a half inch cone attachment. Fill time is generally less than a minute depending on the size pump you are utilizing. Your pump should have a fill capacity of 2.8 psi. Note, you want to make sure not to over-inflate your Knockerball. We recommend about a 2" depression with your hand when you pushed on a filled ball. It should be firm but not hard. If it is over-inflated, when the players hit each other it can cause a breach. You need to allow a little space for the air to move inside the ball upon impact.

Do we own KnockerBall?
No, we are an independent, local company. Knockerball USA is the Trademark name of the ball we employ in our business.

How old and how tall do I have to be?
All participants under 18 must have adult supervision. KNOCKERBALL'S are available in two sizes currently: 1.2 meter or medium recommended for male or female under 5 feet: 1.5 meter or large for those over 5 feet. Here is why. It is important that your KNOCKERBALL is adjusted to cover from above your head to just above your knees. This will ensure that you maintain proper protection for rougher play. Remember to adjust the shoulder straps accordingly so to obtain optimum bodily coverage. Please refer to directions for restrictions. Remember NO jumping head to head or spearing.

Can I use my Knockerball in cold weather?
We do not recommend subjecting Knockerball's to extreme cold weather. Whether you are using a PVC or TPU unit it is highly recommended to only use this product in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to 85 degrees. Extreme cold may make the material brittle therefore rendering your Knockerball unusable.

Additionally, do not subject the product to extended exposure to UV light ( over 72 hours) as this exposure may have a similar effect on the raw materials and joints. Obviously, you will be playing Knockerball in the sun but we suggest not to store them or leave them inflated for days at a time in the hot sun.

Please follow similar guidelines for storage of your Knockerball's.

What height do I need to be to use Knockerball?
To really be able to use the Knockerball we recommend at least 4' 0" for the 1.2 ball because the balls do weigh 14-17lbs. But to just get inside of a ball and roll around we have had many young children have a blast. Anyone over 5' foot will have more fun with the 1.5 ball.

How much does the KnockerBall weigh when inflated?
1.5m Large PVC - 28 lbs
1.2m Medium PVC - 22 lbs

1.5m Large TPU - 25 lbs
1.2m Medium TPU - 19 lbs

But because of the backpack style strapping, the weight is even distributed and it's easy and fun to use!

How old do I have to be to use Knockerball?
Contact us today - we have done parties of all ages - our Event Specialists will be glad to answer any questions.

Participation Waivers
Be advised that all participants will be required to sign a waiver or have a parent/guardian sign if under 18. No exceptions. No Waiver, No Play.

Refund/Rescheduling Policies
The first 50% of your event cost (or $200 minimum, whichever is greater) is the Non-Refundable Reservation Fee. Any payments above and beyond that are subject to the following Refund Policy of Harford KnockerBall®:
- 100% customer refund if cancelled at least 7 days prior to the scheduled event
- 50% customer refund if cancelled 4-6 days prior to the scheduled event
- 25% customer refund if cancelled within 72 hours of scheduled event
- If inclement weather should occur:
- We will work together to find a suitable time for the rescheduling
- Customer decides to cancel rather than rescheduling, 50% customer refund
- If event is cancelled by Harford KnockerBall®, 100% customer refund of all money paid
- There will be no partial refunds for Play Time and/or equipment not used (except in case of inclement weather)
- For example: Booking for 3 hours Play Time and only playing for 1.5 hours or booking 8 KnockerBall®s and only using 6

The following is the Rescheduling Policy of Harford KnockerBall® for all private events:
- NO Rescheduling Fee due to inclement weather
- NO Rescheduling Fee if done by Harford KnockerBall®
- $25 Rescheduling Fee if requested 8 days prior to the scheduled event
- $50 Rescheduling Fee if requested 7 days prior to the scheduled event
- $100 Rescheduling Fee if requested 4-6 days prior to the scheduled event
- $150 Rescheduling Fee if requested within 48-72 hours prior to the scheduled event
- $200 Rescheduling Fee if requested within 24 hours prior to the scheduled event

Rules and Regulations

The following rules detail safe operational guidelines for the inflatable equipment you are leasing from Harford KnockerBall®. To ensure safe operation of the inflatable bubble suits, these rules will be read aloud by your Event Coordinator at the start of your event. You and your participants are encouraged to direct any questions you may have about the operation of the inflatable bubble suits to your Event Coordinator before you begin use of the equipment.

Supervision: The safety of the children and your other participants depends on you. Your personal supervision is absolutely required at all times, and your assistance is strongly encouraged. As the lessee of these units, the safety of all the players is your responsibility. As the adult supervisor of your event, you should position yourself in close proximity of the players and be prepared to assist.

Glasses/Jewelry: All players MUST REMOVE GLASSES, AND ALL LOOSE JEWELRY before playing in the inflatable bubble suits.

Pre-existing Health Conditions: Pregnant women, individuals with pre-existing injuries, and others susceptible to injury from falls, bumps, or bouncing are not permitted in or on the inflatable bubble suits at any time.

General Misuse: Do not allow players to hit other players when they are already down. Do not allow players to use the bubbles as chairs or sit or stand on top of the inflatable bubble suits. Do not allow players to kick or hit the inflatable bubble suits with anything but another inflatable bubble suit. No inflatable bubble suits should come into contact with trees, sidewalks, roads, or any other rough surfaces. Make sure the designated play area is clean of any and all debris like rocks, sticks, twigs, pinecones, etc. Do not allow the inflatable bubble suits to rub up against any surfaces.

Negligence or Abuse: The following fees may be assessed for negligence or abuse of the inflatables (bubbles).
1. Negligence and damage to unit could result in a $200 per unit Repair Fee
2. If unit is not repairable, a fee of $350-$400 could result
3. Depending on your event type, an additional security deposit may be required when booking

Payment and Scheduling
- We require payment of at least 50% of event cost at time of booking to secure your requested date and time. This serves as your Non-Refundable Reservation Fee
- Depending on your event type, an additional security deposit may be required when booking
- Full payment is requested at least 2 weeks in advance of your rental date, and generally required 1 week out
- Customers desiring to pay cash/check should still plan on paying in advance

- Please provide as much notice as possible to ensure we can facilitate your rental
- If it's last minute PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to call us (443-218-2824) or email us at [email protected]! We may be able to handle your rental on short notice!

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